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SM Notaires was founded by Me Stéphanie Moreau who took over the office of former notaries Michel Labrosse and Suzanne Goneau. Michel Labrosse had been practising on the West Island of Montréal since his very beginnings in 1975.

His first experience was working alongside Pierre Lamarre, Notary in Vaudreuil. From there, he slowly developed his own practice and his own client base. Thus, after a few years, he was able to open his own office in Roxboro, where he worked in partnership with Suzanne Goneau, up until they both decided to team up in Dollard-des-Ormeaux. Despite a few changes of address, clients have stayed true to him up to this day.

Me Stéphanie Moreau joined Me Labrosse’s office in 2012, when he was looking for a qualified person to take over his client base. With the help and support of Michel Labrosse, Me Moreau was able to get to know the clients and assume a prime position while building her own client base.

It is with great pride that, on January 1, 2017, the former office of Michel Labrosse et Goneau became SM Notaires. Considering that Michel Labrosse will continue to manage the office in support of Stéphanie Moreau, clients will continue to benefit from the same exceptional, flexible services that have made the office's reputation, and from the same level of availability and work ethic.

Thus, SM Notaires will maintain the same quality of service and the same philosophy, as they embark on new development projects for the future. Rest assured that we will always be there for you!

Me Stéphanie Moreau, Notary

Notary since 2012 and certified in non-contentious legal matters, Me Moreau has practised in various notary offices, including in a large-scale firm in downtown Montréal, before joining our team and taking up the torch. Stéphanie’s decision to become a notary was fuelled by her desire to work closely with her clients and to take on a proactive, upstream approach concerning legal issues. With that vast experience, she was then assigned the accounts of former notaries Michel Labrosse and Suzanne Goneau, and founded SM Notaires in order to continue serving her clients while developing her practice.

Michel Labrosse, Director

As founder of the office of Labrosse et Associés, Michel is the soul of SM Notaires. With over 35 years of experience practising law, he decided to hand over the reins of his office to Me Stéphanie Moreau, Notary, and is now working as the office manager, taking care of the various material and human resources.

Louise, Paralegal

Standing as another key player in our office, Louise is approaching 25 years of service within our team. Her career with us started with Michel. Her responsibilities are both diverse and vast, with a main focus on real estate. Louise brings a wide range of experience allowing her to contribute to various cases. Highly attuned to the clients’ needs, she is a core member of SM Notaires.

Sylvie, Secretary/Bookkeeper

Affectionately referred to as our office “Colombo”, Sylvie has been part of the team since 2003. Her great rigour and memory allow her to quickly retrace files while performing the office’s bookkeeping duties. Aside from these responsibilities, Sylvie also takes on the role of receptionist and greets our clients in a warm and discreet manner.

SM Notaires has an experienced and diversified team. You will have access to a professional and human team for all your notarial services’ needs.

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